SweetWood Temenos is a society of people and a church dedicated to the purchasing, developing and sustaining the land called SweetWood through play and work. The Temenos forms a hub, linking its human members into an interdependent system of mutual support that fosters the actualization of Human Wholeness in harmony with the Land.

SweetWood Temenos is a beautiful 40 acre tract of woodland in southwest Wisconsin, near LaFarge. The Temenos is a sacred precinct promoting a peaceful, pluralistic, & interdependent community. Members and friends can participate in spiritual expression, creativity, self-development and contemplation, all in respectful co-existence with the Natural World.

The Temenos is a safe space, fostering positive regard, kindness and respect for one another and the Green Earth. It is a place to celebrate the cycles of the seasons, and the passages of our own lives. SweetWood Temenos promotes the growth of a diverse and beautiful garden, both within & without our Souls.

SweetWood Temenos is a land awaiting a people with stewardship in their hearts. We envision a campground with full facilities, personal shrines, gardens, woodland paths, and places left wild. As members we depend on each other to support the manifestation of this vision of peaceful interdependence. Come & join us in making this vision a reality for ourselves and for the future generations to follow.