Sweetwood Temenos

Calendar of events

Dear SweetWood Temenos Folk, Friends and like-minded Kin

You are invited to attend SweetWood Temenos’ Sabbats, festivals, and events in 2022.

COVID-19 policies for 2022:

We want all who attend our events and Sabbats to be vaccinated and have a booster shot. Please bring your card, or provide other proof of vaccination, if you plan to attend an event at SweetWood Temenos in 2022.

As situations evolve there could be exceptions made or a change in protocols. We will try to inform all if there are changes. If in doubt contact me, Jack Ingersoll, at 608-625-4060 or email me at ingkj@mwt.net

When the Land and bathhouse opens up for all (except for closed special events or Sabbats), folks with completed vaccine regimens can visit and camp at SweetWood along with others who also have completed their vaccinations & boosters, without the need for social-distancing and mask wearing.

Those who are not vaccinated must continue to social distance, wear masks inside the bath house, and inform others of their vaccination status that are also camping or using the Land.

We ask that you let us know when you plan to come out to the Land, before you come, to avoid any conflicts of schedule, and so the Caretakers are aware you will be there. If you or your guest have not been to SweetWood Temenos, you must contact me, Jack Ingersoll, ingkj@mwt.net or call at 608-625-4060 before coming.


Please note that SweetWood Temenos is a Family Friendly Place and People. It is a clothes-optional site, which means you may wear clothes, or be nude, as you wish. There will be attendees present who are naked. Being naked (sky-clad) in our rites, events, and on our Land, including in the Caretakers home, is considered both healthy and sacred.

All minors (under 18 yrs. old) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

NOTE: We have one Sabbat, Summer Solstice ritual, dedicated to Nakedness as a Divine experience. This is a sky clad or all naked Sabbat ritual and is an exception to the clothes optional rule of SweetWood Temenos.

General Information:

Our lovely site is on a ridge-top with 40 acres of woods & fields located near La Farge WI. We have sacred circles & altars in the woods. Facilities include: a 40×30 ft. picnic shelter with electricity, drinking water, 15 shady campsites (3 tent sites per campsite), a flat area for up to 8 camp trailers with electric hookups and a bathhouse with hot showers (private and communal), 4 flush toilets (handicap accessible) and a washer and dryer.

Please bring clothing appropriate for the weather. Wisconsin weather can be unpredictable at any time of the year. Be naked/sky-clad as you wish in the rituals and on the Land, as we are a clothes optional site. Please be discreet while naked in the hay field due to its openness to a public township road.

Potluck: We ask good folk who attend SweetWood Temenos celebrations to bring a dish to share for the Sabbat feast. There is a special sort of magic that happens in the kitchen, where the ingredients of our minds & hearts meet the ingredients of the kitchen cupboard. Our hands are then inspired to create the meals that sustain us. Too often, in our haste we overlook this fundamental part of our Pagan spirituality that finds the sacred in everything. Share the sacred magic of your kitchen with our community by creating a dish with intent. Let love, laughter and goodwill be your spices. May the Muses inspire you! NOTE: please bring along the list of ingredients in your food. Thx!

Other things to bring:

Snack(s) if you need something to eat between meals Your own drinking cup

Camping gear (if you plan to camp overnight for the event)

A lawn chair or blanket to sit on

A towel to sit on if you choose to be nude/sky-clad

Drum, rattle, &/or other instrument for use in ritual or jamming afterwards

If you forget something, no worries. The Magic will happen!

2022 SweetWood Temenos Sabbats, Festivals and Events Calendar

• This year we Honor the Sun God and Moon Goddess in our Sabbats and Festivals. We also will be having some new folk–members of the SweetWood Temenos Priesthood Guild taking on the Priestess and Priest roles this Year. This will add a new dynamic for this coming year. Let’s experience and celebrate this new energy.

• During the Sabbat celebrations, members and friends are welcome to camp over-night during the weekend (Fri + Sat nights), perhaps do some grounds-keeping, enjoy the particular beauty of each season, and add love to the land. Camping is FREE during those weekends.

[We gratefully accept any donations]

• Reminder: Our celebrations include a potluck.

• Musical instruments & drums are welcome!

SweetWood Temenos at Paganicon Minneapolis – March 18th – 20th

Come and enjoy this indoor event at a new location this year. Stop by the SweetWood Temenos Hospitality room for snacks & chats. Paganicon is very well attended, a place to meet new people, explore other paths & support our Pagan healers, diviners & vendors. See https://tcpaganpride.org/paganicon-landing-page/ If you plan to attend, please check out their COVID Protocols.

Spring Equinox celebration – Sat April 2nd.

Ritual at 2:00 pm with a fire in the circle (weather permitting) and potluck feast. Depending on field road conditions, you may need to walk back to the circle. Afterwards we’ll feast back at the Caretaker’s house and open the house for some evening celebration and good company.

Spring Earth Keepers Weekend – Fri April 15 – Sun April 17

This is a time for good folk to visit the Land and enjoy the early spring. There will be opportunities for planting, making firewood, pruning, campsite cleanup & development (such as campfire pits and tent sites), bathhouse clean-up, as well as enjoying the Land and our community. We’ll celebrate Earth & the renewal of the Land with a water-sharing, a fire in the circle and a pot-luck feast. Earth Keepers may camp through the weekend as the bathhouse will be open, weather permitting. (The Caretaker’s house will be open for use if the bathhouse is not open.)

Beltane Celebration – Sat April 30th

Ritual at 2:00 pm with a pot-luck feast afterward. Bring 18 – 20 feet of ribbon per person for the Maypole. Please bring food and/or drink to share. On Saturday night there will be a fire in the sacred circle for merry-making and fellowship. The bathhouse will be open for this Celebration.

Memorial Day weekend Open House Camp out – Fri May 27th – Mon May 30th

Members and friends of SweetWood Temenos are welcome to visit, picnic, walk in the woods & fields, enjoy the springtime, and chat with members about SweetWood Temenos. We’ll have a fire in the circle Sunday evening (or in our shelter if rain). Bring drink, food & musical instruments. There is a suggested donation by non-members of $10 per night per tent or $25 for all three days (children’s tents FREE).

Also note there will be a Goddess Circle work day and gathering who will request privacy unless you are invited to participate. If interested, please contact me (Jack/Iacchus) and I can refer you to the group.

A regional Burner group is considering doing a gathering during the 1st weekend in June (June 1st – 5th, Wed to Sun morning, 2022). This event has not yet been confirmed so stay tuned for an update.

Summer Solstice Celebration – Sat June 18th

Sky-Clad Ritual at 3:00 pm with feasting afterward and fire into the evening. Please bring food and/or drink to share. Let us make this a “summer ice cream social.” Grill out, drink, dance, play Kubb, play music and make merry on the longest Day of the year.

During this ritual, all participants are required to be skyclad (naked) . This is a celebration of emotional maturity — of being an adult and beholding one another naked as a Sacred Act and a Divine experience. We will share water and honor one another. Before and after the ritual, SweetWood Land will be considered as clothes-optional, and so dedicated.

The 26th Annual FREEDOM FESTIVAL – Wed June 29th at Noon – Tues July 5th

Opening Ritual Wed June 29th at 6:00 pm. Come and enjoy the forests & fields, and our community of likeminded folk. Freedom Festival includes workshops, vendors, a symposium, the main ritual, potlucks, annual SweetWood town hall meeting, and relaxing with friends & lovers under starry nights.

This year we will be celebrating our 23rd year as a church. Also note there is a Pluto return this year on the 4th of July. Pluto will be in the same degree and sign it was in 1776, so there will be an emphasis on the celebration of a Religion of Freedom. More information will follow as we get closer to the Festival.

Freedom Festival is our main fundraising event of the year. Check out SweetWood Temenos’ online site for registration forms.

The Midwest Grand Sabbat 2022 – Friday, July 22nd through to Monday, July 25th will be held at SweetWood In the Name of the Horns and the Wandering Moon.

This is a private celebration and Covid – 19 Vaccinations and booster are required. If you have not received an invite but are interested, contact me and I will give you an overview of this celebration and forward your request to the contact person for the Grand Sabbat. Jack Ingersoll: 608-625-4060 or ingkj@mwt.net

Lughnasad/Lammas Celebration – Sat July 30th

Ritual will be at 3:00 pm with pot-luck feast afterward and fire into the evening. This is a celebration of the first fruits of the harvest. In the ritual we will be giving thanks for what we have received this season! Toasts, boasts, and stories about one’s success are welcome. The feast will be celebrated with dishes and desserts of the season. Please bring some to share.

There may be other rituals planned for Lughnasad, the following weekend, and more during the rest of the month. So, stay tuned… NOTE: Some may be closed to the public or by invite only.

Labor Day Weekend Open House Gathering – Fri September 2nd – Mon September 5th

Come camp, relax and enjoy the land and this Holiday with friends. Bring your favorite instruments & share your songs & riffs with the community. Dance around the fire, or just relax and let it all be. Experience the magic of music in the hills, fields & forests of SweetWood. Stay for the day, or for the whole long weekend. There is a suggested donation by non-members of $10 per night per tent or $25 for all three days (children’s tents FREE).

Fall Equinox Ritual & Earth-Keepers weekend – Fri Sept 23rd – Sun Sept 25th

Ritual is on Sat, Sep 24th at 5 PM (Note: New Moon is on the 24th and the 22nd is the actual Fall Equinox). Potluck feast afterward and fire into the evening. Please bring food and/or drink to share. The ritual will be about giving thanks for the community and what one will give back to the community. It is also an energy hand-off, for a new cycle begins with a Sun Goddess and a Moon God.

Samhain Celebration – Sat October 29th

Ritual at 5:30 pm (near sunset) with potluck feast afterward, and fire into the evening. Bring a carved pumpkin with candle if you wish, and food and/or drink to share. Please arrive by 5:30 pm. The ritual will have three parts: honoring the Ancestors, the words of the God, and Divination. Dress in costume if you wish.

Yule Celebration – Sat December 17th

Ritual at 3:00 pm. Potluck feast afterward and Bonfire into the evening. Please bring food and/or drink to share. Dress warm. This will be a celebration of the Return of the Light. The good folk who gather will be asked to bring offerings, prayers and to share their heartfelt words for this season and times.

Sweetwood Temenos Imbolc – February 4th 2023

Ritual and Fire at 2:00 pm with potluck feast afterward. Please contact Iacchus (aka Jack Ingersoll) at ingkj@mwt.net if you are planning to attend. Dress warmly, as we may need to walk about 1/3 of a mile from the Caretaker’s driveway back to the circle in the woods. I’ll plow a path back there but there will be some snow to walk through. There will be a fire in the circle and we will be honoring the Sun Goddess and her partner, the Moon God.

Bring along seeds to bless, poems or songs to share, or a musical instrument to play if you wish. This is a time of inspiration. Out in the woods at Midwinter, will you see or hear the quickening of the Land? Will Spring come early or not? Draw a Rune. What does it say about the next 6 weeks? We’ll share some hot cider and something to eat in the ritual. Then all will be invited to come back to the Caretaker’s warm home and continue our fellowship into the evening.

As the Sabbats come up we’ll announce who will being doing the rituals and any changes in dates or times on our face book page or through our e-mail lists

Blessings & Never Thirst!

Iacchus & Delta (Clergy & Caretakers of SweetWood Temenos)