Sweetwood Temenos

Calendar of events

Dear SweetWood Temenos Folk, Friends and like-minded Kin

You are invited to attend SweetWood Temenos’ Sabbats, festivals, and events in 2023.

COVID-19 policies for 2023:

We want all who attend our events and Sabbats to be vaccinated and have a booster shot. Please bring your card, or provide other proof of vaccination, if you plan to attend an event at SweetWood Temenos in 2022.

As situations evolve there could be exceptions made or a change in protocols. We will try to inform all if there are changes. If in doubt contact me, Jack Ingersoll, at 608-625-4060 or email me at ingkj@mwt.net

When the Land and bathhouse opens up for all (except for closed special events or Sabbats), folks with completed vaccine regimens can visit and camp at SweetWood along with others who also have completed their vaccinations & boosters, without the need for social-distancing and mask wearing.

Those who are not vaccinated must continue to social distance, wear masks inside the bath house, and inform others of their vaccination status that are also camping or using the Land.

We ask that you let us know when you plan to come out to the Land, before you come, to avoid any conflicts of schedule, and so the Caretakers are aware you will be there. If you or your guest have not been to SweetWood Temenos, you must contact me, Jack Ingersoll, ingkj@mwt.net or call at 608-625-4060 before coming.


Please note that SweetWood Temenos is a Family Friendly Place and People. It is a clothes-optional site, which means you may wear clothes, or be nude, as you wish. There will be attendees present who are naked. Being naked (sky-clad) in our rites, events, and on our Land, including in the Caretakers home, is considered both healthy and sacred.

All minors (under 18 yrs. old) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

NOTE: We have one Sabbat, Summer Solstice ritual, dedicated to Nakedness as a Divine experience. This is a sky clad or all naked Sabbat ritual and is an exception to the clothes optional rule of SweetWood Temenos.

General Information:

Our lovely site is on a ridge-top with 40 acres of woods & fields located near La Farge WI. We have sacred circles & altars in the woods. Facilities include: a 40×30 ft. picnic shelter with electricity, drinking water, 15 shady campsites (3 tent sites per campsite), a flat area for up to 8 camp trailers with electric hookups and a bathhouse with hot showers (private and communal), 4 flush toilets (handicap accessible) and a washer and dryer.

Please bring clothing appropriate for the weather. Wisconsin weather can be unpredictable at any time of the year. Be naked/sky-clad as you wish in the rituals and on the Land, as we are a clothes optional site. Please be discreet while naked in the hay field due to its openness to a public township road.

Potluck: We ask good folk who attend SweetWood Temenos celebrations to bring a dish to share for the Sabbat feast. There is a special sort of magic that happens in the kitchen, where the ingredients of our minds & hearts meet the ingredients of the kitchen cupboard. Our hands are then inspired to create the meals that sustain us. Too often, in our haste we overlook this fundamental part of our Pagan spirituality that finds the sacred in everything. Share the sacred magic of your kitchen with our community by creating a dish with intent. Let love, laughter and goodwill be your spices. May the Muses inspire you! NOTE: please bring along the list of ingredients in your food. Thx!

Other things to bring:

Snack(s) if you need something to eat between meals Your own drinking cup

Camping gear (if you plan to camp overnight for the event)

A lawn chair or blanket to sit on

A towel to sit on if you choose to be nude/sky-clad

Drum, rattle, &/or other instrument for use in ritual or jamming afterwards

If you forget something, no worries. The Magic will happen!

2023 SweetWood Temenos Sabbats, Festivals and Events Calendar

Imbolc Celebration-February 4th, 2pm


Priest Iacchus & Priestess Michelle – Spring Equinox-April 4th, 2pm


Priest Jack Chocolate & Priestess Delta – Earth keepers Weekend April 21st-23nd – More information will be available closer to the date


Beltane Celebration-May 6th, 2pm – Priest Iacchus & Priestess Aleya


Memorial Day weekend May 26th -29th – More information will be available closer to the date


Goddess Circle Retreat May 26th-28th – More information will be available closer to the date


Summer Solstice Celebration-June 17th, 3pm – Priest Chris & Priestess Michelle – (This is a skyclad ritual & clothes are Not optional)


27th Annual Freedom Festival- June 29th-July 5th – Main ritual July 1st, 7pm – Priest Pierre & Priestess Aleya


Lughnasad/Lammas Celebration-August 5th, 3pm – Priest Jack Chocolate & Priestess Lilak


Fall Equinox Ritual-September 23rd, 5pm – Priest Chris & Priestess Mindy


Samhain Ritual-October 28th, 5:30pm – Priest Pierre & Priestess Michelle


Yule Celebration-December 16th, 3pm – Priest Chris & Priestess Mindy


2024 Imbolc-February 3rd, 2pm – Priest Jack Chocolate & Priestess Lilak


Dates & Times are subject to change. Weather permitting, watch Facebook & Website for changes.

Clothes-Optional: Clothes are optional at Rituals (Except Summer Solstice-Skyclad only) and throughout the campground! (Bring something to sit on).

May you never thirst…